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Spirit Classes & Workshops

Pre-screening or advanced registration is required for most workshops and classes.  Please contact us via e-mail to inquire about enrollment.

Expressive Art Therapy

Expressive Arts Therapy, also known as creative arts therapy, is the use of the creative arts as a form of therapy. Unlike traditional art expression, the process of creation is emphasized rather than the final product. Expressive therapy is predicated on the assumption that people can heal through use of imagination and the various forms of creative expression. Expressive arts therapy is the practice of using imagery, storytelling, dance, music, drama, poetry, movement, and visual arts together, in an integrated way, to foster human growth, development, and healing. It is about reclaiming our innate capacity as human beings for creative expression of our individual and collective human experience in artistic form.

Contact Katherine Walsh to schedule an Expressive Art Therapy session.

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